Would Your Child Benefit From A Cyber Education Charter School Program?

What is a cyber education charter school program? You prefer the charter or public charter school experience for your kids because it's a lot less strict and has a different type of curriculum and criteria for its students, unlike traditional public schools, but would a cyber program be what you want your child to go to? What is a cyber public charter school and can your child benefit from a cyber education charter school program? [Read More]

A Summer Like No Other: What to Look for in a Camp for Your Child

Every child wants to go to summer camp at some point and who can blame them? Enjoying time outdoors, campfires, sports, and making new friends sounds like every child's dream. And when looking at which summer camp to send your child to, you might be surprised to learn that there are many options available! Here are just a few tips on how to choose the right camp for your child and what to look out for. [Read More]

How To Use A Kindergarten Social Ready Kit

The use of some learning and assessment activities that are fun to complete will help you determine if your child is ready to attend kindergarten. A preparedness kit contains a parent's guide, a series of tactile and writing tools for a child to use, and an overview of what each activity is designed for. A Kit Children will learn from the guidance that their role models provide them with and through trial and error. [Read More]

Want Your Kid To Dance? How To Choose The Perfect Fit For Them

Dance is a beautiful sport and art that is good for kids of all ages; especially the youth. By giving your kid discipline and the ability to create, there are all different types of dances that may be worth looking into for your kid. Whether your child wants to learn the classics (like ballet) or they want to learn more street-styled dance (like hip hop), moving their body may be the perfect outlet your child needs. [Read More]